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Where Technology and
Impact Intersect
We back exceptional founders who leverage cutting-edge technology
to change the way we eat, live and interact with our planet.
Innovating for
the Better
At Rage, we recognize the immense challenges posed by the way we live on our planet. More than ever, we face an existential challenge to alter the way we source our food, energy and sustenance
Our response is to catalyze disruptive innovations in global supply chains to entrench sustainability without compromising on quality of life.
Global Citizenship,
Global Investments
As humans, we embrace the moral obligation to transition to a greener way of living.
As investors, we identify the strongest structural tailwinds behind these industries: the preservation of our planet.
No one wants to make individual sacrifices, so we back the exceptional founders who put the planet and people at the forefront of their vision.
Our brilliant entrepreneurs envisage worlds that seemed like sci-fi just years ago and will not stop until they bring them to reality.
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Our team
Our team founded Rage Capital whilst working in various VCs, family offices and financial institutions. We identified there was a dearth of top-tier opportunities crossing the chasm from institutional investors to non-specialized family offices, everywhere from the Seed/Series A part of the spectrum to Pre-IPO. Rage Capital’s purpose has been to bridge this.

Rage focuses its investments through Thematic Funds. These theses are crafted by our team by looking at three core factors: (1) growth vectors of an industry, (2) nascence of the market and investor saturation, (3) the application of technology. We find sectors that are on the verge of explosion and make bets from Series A to Pre-IPO in the leading companies.

Our sourcing capabilities and forward thinking enable us to find spaces before a flood of capital drowns the best opportunities. Thus far, our primary Thematic Fund has been in foodtech, with several investments made in a few months. We will launch more of these funds in impact-driven sectors, encompassing best-in-class companies across the board.
Gabriel Ruimy
Partner, CIO
Brandon Chong
Partner, CFO
Samy Boccara
Partner, Head of Business Development
Alexandre Ruimy
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